While most machines we use today has a complete operating manual which explains how we can get the best use the machine, our human body, which is in many ways like a machine, does not have such definitive operating manual. As a consequence, we often treat our body in ways that are harmful to the proper functioning of the structure.

Although medical and scientific knowledge has become a feature of modern life, many of the physical and mental diseases which plague humanity today can be prevented or cured simply by adopting a way of life which is in harmony with the true needs of our body.

Yoga for Optimum Health and Well Being


The ancient science of yoga has revealed the truth that within the harmony of body and mind is the secret to optimum health. The physical discipline of ASANAS-Yoga postures trains the practitioners to assume the most difficult positions with a minimum of effort, keeping them relaxed whether upright, sitting, lying or twisting. Through this physical training, the Yoga student gradually learns to keep the mind and body at poised equilibrium in all situations.

This ancient and time-tested system of preventive health care offers the practitioner the most practical, painless and inexpensive technique for all-round health, peaceful emotions, relief from stress and tiredness, delay of aging process, more limber and flexible joints and an increase of the body’s energy and vitality.

YOGA is the key to unlock the door to the hidden potentials within your own body and mind.


Today, Yoga postures have become one of the most fashionable forms of exercise. More people are getting into this lifestyle for optimum health and well-being.


Benefits of yoga postures or asanas

  • Keep Spine Flexible
  • Limber Stiff Joints
  • Massage Internal Organ
  • Balance Glandular Secretion
  • Stimulates Lymph Flow
  • Reduce Stress
  • Improve Mental Health


yoga2The most important body structure in the body is the spine which carries all the impulses to and from the brain. When the spinal column is flexible and strong, energy flows freely throughout the nerves.

Yoga postures are preventive in nature. Yoga Asanas naturally twists and bends the body in different directions, preventing the formation of calcium deposits and keeping joints limber and youthful. 


Exercises such as this bow pose put direct pressure on the adrenal glands and reduce the over secretion of adrenalin, thus relieving inner tension and calming the mind. The stretching and twisting yoga postures condition the circulatory system, thus preventing high blood pressure and heart disease.

By exerting selective pressure on various internal organs, Yoga Asanas stimulates the circulation of blood to these organs and improves their functions. Yoga poses are sometimes called “inner sizes” because of their beneficial effects on all the body’s internal organs.


Basic yoga class

  • Introductory lecture on yoga
  • Pranayama (breathing exercise)
  • Meditation
  • Limbering exercise
  • Asanas(basic)
  • Transistion pose
  • Deep relaxation


Intermediate yoga class

  • Lecture on wellness and other yoga practices
  • Pranayama (breathing exercise)
  • Meditation
  • Limbering exercise
  • Asanas (intermediate)
  • Transistion pose
  • Deep relaxation
  • Kaoshikii (therapeutic yoga dance)


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