KarenTo become the best athlete, you need to have discipline, passion, and a lean body. I had the first two, but my body was as thin as it could be. Some people call me Olive Oyl, Popeye’s girlfriend, while others are actually alarmed by my thinness. But these did not stop me from fulfilling my dream of becoming an athlete. Papa thought I was only joking. But when he realized that I am dead serious, he started me on Green Health® Malunggay C 500 mg capsules, a natural multi-vitamin. I took 2 capsules 3x a day and noticed an increase in my appetite. This gave me amazing energy which I need for training. Now, I can go on doing several laps in the pool, play volleyball and not feel tired at all. The increase in my body weight and improved stamina gave me a level playing field against players who were much bigger than I am. Now, I am on my way to becoming one of the best athletes in my field!


Karen D. Alcosaba
16 years old, Swimmer, Volley Ball, Ball Setter
NCR Qualifier


The pose is a knocker, don't you think so? This is Dominik Marie M. Pobre or Mikee, four years old from Tuguegarao, Cagayan, Philippines. She has been an asthmatic girl since birth with a nebulizer always on hand. She was on corticosteroid too. Certain foods such as legumes, sweets, or ice cream she loves could easily trigger her asthma. Fortunately, her grandmother sent her Green Health® Malunggay C and Green Health® PURE C last January 2008. For the first month, Mikee took Green Health® Malunggay C capsules three times a day and one capsule of Green Health® PURE C. The combination of these two Green Health® Products boosted Mikee's immune system. Her asthma attacks stopped after just a few months. But whenever MIkee stops taking the Green Health® products, her asthma returns. So now, her Mom's official policy, "Okay Mikee take your Green Health® Malunggay C so you can have your favorite ice cream.”



Dominik M. Pobre
4 years old
Tuguegarao, Cagayan


tricia-mazoI am a full time Program Manager in a Christian Ministry and finishing up two Master Degrees – Master of Arts in Counseling in the Asian Theological Seminary and Master of Science in Social work at the Asian Social Institute. I have my family and social activities too. I usually travel everyday from house to work then to school then back home. Traffic is bad, I climb up the stairs to the 6th floor of my apartment everyday and to the 4th floor of my office six times a week. I read several books and do paper works every week. You can just imagine the energy level I need 24/7.


Then I realized that I need a nutritional supplement so I can meet all these demands. My daily food intake is just not enough to sustain my health and stamina. But thanks to Green Health® Malunggay C 500mg capsules, it helped me meet my daily nutritional requirement. I found myself to be full of energy considering the physical and mental exercises that I do daily. I observed that my memory is a lot sharper. I can even recall past lessons. I don’t easily get tired or stressed out after evening classes and I still have energy for my evening walking exercises.

I have been taking Green Health® Malunggay C for more than two years now. Since its great effect on my health and well-being, I have also given my parents Green Health® Malunggay C. Now, my mother’s asthma attacks considerably lessened with the boost her immune system got from taking Green Health® Malunggay C.

Green Health® Malunggay C is a truly remarkable product. This is God’s gift to us from nature.


Tricia Mazo
Registered Social Worker
Metro Manila


Since it was my first time getting pregnant, I had high hopes with dealing with this miraculous but delicate stage of my life. My family lineage from both parents had no experience of extreme difficulty in nursing a newborn. But I was a different case. During the first two days after I gave birth, but I cannot produce any milk. This did not worry me; I thought it would just naturally come out within a couple of days. I did produce milk but not enough to pass for two ounces and not enough to nurture my baby. Zam, my baby girl, did not particularly like the taste of formula milk and I can see that she was starting to look thin. My sister gave me a box of Green Health® Malunggay C Capsules and see if it will have an effect on my lactation. I was taking three Malunggay-C capsules a day, and in just a week Zam was feeding-off me regularly. I even have enough milk to store in feeding bottles for Zam. In fact, for a two month old baby, her weight now is comparable to that of a six-month old! They say that there is nothing more nutritious than the breast milk of a mother and I am thankful that I was able to share this miracle to Zam and nurture my baby this way.


Clarisse E. Dimabuyu-Santamaria, 25 years old
Mother of one, Registered Nurse
San Jose Del Monte City, Bulacan


Being in the business of manufacturing marble and being a woman is really a challenge. I have to be up early to check e-mails if deliveries arrived to clients without any damage, check my manufacturing areas if production is on schedule, haggle for prices of marble stones delivered, and constantly look out for new markets, especially for export. Initially, my brother helped me manage the business but when he started his own, I was left to manage alone. Because of this, my stress started. I was losing weight fast, I had less energy, pimples started showing in my face, and to top it all, I could not sleep. I took several multi-vitamins but none of them worked. Then I chanced upon Green Health® Malunggay C in a tradeshow and decided to give it a try. After taking the Green Health® Malunggay C, I saw the difference in just a few days! My skin got clearer and I was sleeping an average of 6-7 hours a day. This made me more energetic and my weight got back to normal. As a busy person, our best asset is our health. I’m thankful that I found an ally with Green Health® Malunggay C to become the best entrepreneur, and woman I can be!



Rommelyn M. Diola, 32 years old
Romblon, Romblon



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