Tai Chi


yoga2Tai Chi cultivates health benefits beyond those studied by western medicine.

Tai Chi conditions cleaves between muscles, the films that separate and support the organs and the fascia. The acupuncture meridians of Chinese Medicine run through the fascia. By conditioning the boundary layers between tissues, Tai Chi reduces chemical cross-linking and cellular rust. Move it or lose it, the Taoists say. The turning of the trunk flexes the spine, producing the same benefits as twists in Yoga (improved spinal flexibility, release of tension on the perispinal muscles, alleviating imbalances that can lead to back pain while improving blood flow to the discs). And like Yoga, Tai Chi conditions the psoas, that deep muscle of balance in the lower abdominal organs and mediates the relationship of the spine to the pelvis and legs.

Proper Tai Chi practice places certain demands on the body. The sinking of the weight over time, tells the legs to add muscle and bone mass while the turning of the body in conjunction with deep abdominal breathing "wrings out" the organs, flushing blood out as they're compressed and allowing it to flow back in when the movement compresses another part of the torso. This flexing and un-flexing reduces pockets of stagnation in the various organ systems.


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