Green Health® Moringa Oleifera Health & Beauty Soap

You Found the Genuine Handmade Health and Beauty Soap.

We are extremely proud to present a handmade, handcrafted Malunggay soap in its natural green color. This is the art of old-fashion soap making that LPW is enhancing and promoting. Everything has a personal touch by hand, one by one. In this present time, the mass produced commercial soaps are based on chemical, artificial, or synthetic ingredients. Over time, it can leave your skin dried-out (“tuyot”) and can give you rashes and other skin irritations. You may think that the soap is not suitable (“hiyang”) for your skin type, maybe too strong for sensitive skin or you just have an allergy. The truth is that the chemicals and additives used to make soap commercially attractive and enticing make the skin react instead.

Green Health®Moringa Oleifera Health & Beauty Soap ensures a quality, back to basic soap making and a more environment friendly approach to health and beauty that inspires confidence, for you are using one of the best handmade soap in the market – from our hands to yours.We use the finest natural ingredients of Coconut Oil, Camelina Oil and Moringa leaves. Glycerine is not extracted from the soap process but is instead retained in the mixture, thus preserving its natural moisturizing property.


The moisturizing effect of the mix in all the Green Health® Moringa Oleifera Health & Beauty Soap ingredients prevents early signs of ageing. The versatility of the Moringa leaves as an exfoliating agent of the soap which at the same time has an anti-bacterial function is utilized. Green Health® Moringa Oleifera Health & Beauty Soap prevents skin infections, acne, athlete’s foot, skin breaks and sores, and other skin irritations.



Available Fragrances:

  • Pure, Unscented
  • Green Tea Essence
  • Lavender Essence
  • Jasmine Essence
  • Green Tea Essence with Papaya Extract




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