About Us

Life Pure Wellness (LPW) believes that Health is for All. Under the brand name Green Health®, its aim is to produce products that are ABA ...


  • Affordable ..... consumer-friendly pricing scale
  • Beneficial ...... contains basic micronutrients needed by the body
  • Accessible ..... a wider distribution scheme for consumers in the cities, towns and provinces


LPW is a product of like minded people who are into the natural and healthy lifestyle. It started with a simple sharing of ideas on available natural food plants that are both cheap and with the most potential to be developed and marketed. Among these food plants, LPW zeroed in on Malunggay Tree. It thus became LPW’s Tree of Nutrients and product base.


Hence on, LPW tirelessly developed and enhanced its Green Health Malunggay products through study and research. Recognizing its consumer responsibility, LPW aims to deliver a quality, safe and hygienic products that are on par with local and international standards. And this proved to be a success.


LPW became one of the few in the Malunggay business duly registered and accredited by the FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION PHILIPPINES. Our Green Health® Malunggay C 500 mg Capsule is accredited Export Quality with FDA CPR #76384 that is exclusively manufactured by a GMP and ISO accredited laboratory. We are also a duly recognised member in the Chamber of Herbal Industries of the Philippines. Organic Products and Trade Association(OPTA) Philippines, and the DOST Bionet-Malunggay.


LPW even goes further up the road advocating the practice of YOGA and TAICHI – the ancient arts of meditation and exercise which are body and mind health enhancers. LPW also gives health information so consumers can make informed choices in pursuing a healthy lifestyle.


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