Green Health® Malunggay C 500mg Capsule


  • strengthens the immune system
  • regulates normal blood pressure & sugar level
  • promotes normal liver and kidney functions
  • improves digestion and healthy cellular functions
  • fights anemia & insomnia
  • increases breast milk production
  • improves weight gain of malnourished kids
  • promotes healthy & beautiful skin
  • anti oxidant


*** Export quality with FDA CPR # FR76384
*** Exclusively manufactured by an ISO accredited laboratory



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Green Health® Malunggay Tea with Pandan Herb


  • has all the vitamin & mineral contents of Malunggay & Pandan leaf powder
  • has NO additives / NO preservatives and 100% NATURAL
  • revitalizes and refreshes before & after stressful activities
  • is an anti-oxidant
  • recommended health drink, whether hot or cold, for all ages. 


*** FDA LTO #RDI-MM-FW-3854


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Green Health®


  • aids the body to metabolize fats and proteins, iron & zincs

  • prevents osteoporosis, scurvy, teeth and gum diseases
  • prevents cardio vascular diseases
  • aids in wound healing
  • prevents cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, cancer
  • aids in preventing mental impairments
  • neutralizes overly acidic residues and removes them from the body


*** FDA LTO #RDI-MM-FW-3854


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Green Health® Moringa Oleifera Health & Beauty Soap


ENRICHED with Camelina Oil Omega 3, 6, & 9, & Vitamin E


  • whitens skin naturally
  • moisturizes for a younger looking skin
  • exfoliates for a radiant look
  • fights skin infection, acne, athlete's foot, ordinary warts, skin breaks and sores
  • deodorizes the body and provides a feel of all day freshness


Available Fragrances:


  • Pure, Unscented
  • Green Tea Essence
  • Lavender Essence
  • Green Tea Essence with Papaya Extract
  • Jasmine Essence




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