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The ancient science of yoga has revealed the truth that within the harmony of body and mind is the secret to optimum health. The physical discipline of ASANAS-Yoga postures trains the practitioners to assume the most difficult positions with a minimum of effort, keeping them relaxed whether upright, sitting, lying or twisting. Through this physical training, the Yoga student gradually learns to keep the mind and body at poised equilibrium in all situations.

This ancient and time-tested system of preventive health care offers the practitioner the most practical, painless and inexpensive technique for all-round health, peaceful emotions, relief from stress and tiredness, delay of aging process, more limber and flexible joints and an increase of the body's energy and vitality.

YOGA is the key to unlock the door to the hidden potentials within your own body and mind.

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Tai Chi

Tai Chi conditions cleaves between muscles and nerves, the films that separate and support the organs and the fascia. The acupuncture meridians of Chinese Medicine run through the fascia.

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The pose is a knocker, don't you think so? This is Dominik Marie M. Pobre or Mikee, four years old from Tuguegarao, Cagayan, Philippines. She has been an asthmatic girl since birth with a nebulizer always on hand. She was on corticosteroid too. Certain foods such as legumes, sweets, or ice cream she loves could easily trigger her asthma. Fortunately, her grandmother sent her Green Health® Malunggay C and Green Health® PURE C last January 2008. For the first month, Mikee took Green Health® Malunggay C capsules three times a day and one capsule of Green Health® PURE C. The combination of these two Green Health® Products boosted Mikee's immune system. Her asthma attacks stopped after just a few months. But whenever MIkee stops taking the Green Health® products, her asthma returns. So now, her Mom's official policy, "Okay Mikee take your Green Health® Malunggay C so you can have your favorite ice cream.”


Dominik M. Pobre
4 years old
Tuguegarao, Cagayan

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"Malunggay can save lives, increase incomes, generate millions of jobs, utilize vast tracts of idle agricultural lands, make the Philippines globally competitive, impact local and international market, and help attain socioeconomic equity," explained Alice Ilaga, director of the DA’s Biotechnology Program.

"We estimate that the bulk of the mental health issues could potentially be addressed and the impending rise in disorders can be reversed through adequate nutrition. We urge all parties to come together in tackling this most serious of problems," said Prof Crawford, Director of the Institute of Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition at the London Metropolitan University. There are many hopes pinned on dietary supplements for the improvement of health and prevention of disease, hopes that have been realized when some of them have been put to modern scientific testing. Examples of these include:

  • Folic acid to reduce the risk of neural tube defects
  • Calcium to reduce the risk of osteoporosis
  • Iron supplementation during pregnancy to prevent maternal anemia and delivery of premature infants;
  • Vitamin B-12 supplementation for those (particularly among the elderly) who cannot readily absorb food-bound vitamin B-12;
  • Vitamin and antioxidant supplementation to prevent progression of muscular degeneration
  • Supplements promoting antioxidant activity generally to reduce the risk of oxidative damage from exposure to environmental agents.

 Source: Statement of Paul M. Coates, Ph.D.Director Office of Dietary Supplements National Institutes of Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services


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