Moringa Based Green Health® Products A Closer Look

LPW's Green Health® products has Malunggay (scientific name Moringa oleifera Lamk) as its base nutrient. Referred also as US Horseradish or UK Drumstick, all parts of the Malunggay tree had been described by scientific journals to contain nutritional and medicinal properties. Used since ancient times, Malunggay emerged as one of the World's Best Health Supplements, a Super Green Food. Malunggay gives us the incredible opportunity to heal our body naturally.

Malunggay is also considered by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a cost-saving nutritional food plant. In a growing world population, using and propagating Malunggay products that builds people's health in the most natural and cheapest way is of the highest value. And this best expresses LPW Green Health® philosophy ... Health is for All.


  • Green Health® Malunggay C 500 mg capsules is a magical gift from nature with the most complete nutrients needed by the body...learn more
  • Green Health® Malunggay Tea with Pandan Herb is a natural multi-vitamin health drink with the┬ácombined benefits of the nutrient-rich Malunggay leaves and the sweet smelling Pandan herb.... learn more
  • Green Health® Pure C is a buffered Vitamin C, therefore less acidic and stomach friendly, and can easily be absorbed by the body... learn more
  • Green Health® Moringa Oleifera Health & Beauty Soap is a handmade, handcrafted soap using the finest natural ingredients of Malunggay powder leaf, Coconut Oil and Camelina Oil.... learn more

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